Sunday, June 22, 2008

WS: At the ballpark

This is one of the place that we never miss to visit everytime we go on vacation... the Busch Stadium. Pic was actually taken 3 weeks ago, on the 2nd leg of our roadtrip. Though we sat 16 rows from the third base, we have to go up to take this picture! Silly, eh? :))

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Just some updates

And so, I got a couple of calls for interview. But I guess those jobs are not really for me for the interview date was while we were in the middle of our roadtrip.

We started ripping the road after I got out of the office on the 30th of May and came back on the 11th of June. It was short because I didn't have enough VL left, but we covered a lot of areas and meet a lot of people. We stopped at Kansas City to watch Drag Racing, St. Louis to watch a baseball game, Arkansas to visit relatives and friends, then back home thru Oklahoma. In short, we made a big circle. We didn't fly. We don't want to experience the hassle of flying again. We drove. And we saved a lot! We spent almost $600 (only) on gas. Nothing can beat that. We are in the comfort of our vehicle and we can stop whenever we want. I guess I can say that we had a lot of fun!

And since I came back, I've been very busy. At work, that is. It's good though. At least I'm working. My brain is working and I'm not being wasted.

By the way, I just talked to my sister yesterday. She sounded really good! Which is nice. She was able to recover really quick, to the delight of her doctors and the whole family. She'll have her next session by the end of this month. I hope she'll fight with it like the last one. Thank you all very much for your prayers!


Monday, June 16, 2008

WS: Burn the bad

I hope the sun will shine to my sister and burn all the bad cells in her body (just like how it does to the dark clouds in the pic) so she'll feel better...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A plea for my sister

Yesterday I slept like I have never slept for years. Now, I just don't feel like closing my eyes at all. Though inside, I feel tired. I have been feeling this way since my sister had her 1st session of chemotherapy.

If you still don't know, my older sister was diagnosed for having some kind of tumor on her breast 7 months ago, and she just had her 2nd chemo session on the 10th of this month. And there will be 4 sessions more. The last time I talked to her, she told me that her hair started to fall out, so the reader that I am, I advised her to shave it off. And she had it done. She don't need to see hairs on her pillow every morning and feel pity for herself. She needs all the strenght she has to fight the battle.

I've been reading a lot about chemotherapy effects and through it, I can feel how she is feeling right now. I just hope she'll remain brave and won't give up. I know she won't. I know she has this inner strenght that we don't have. But you know how it is sometimes, no matter how strong or brave you are, there's a point when you feel like you just don't have it. So please, whoever you are reading this right now, please help us pray for my sister? Please?


Thank you, my friend for this one... I hope I can help somebody in a little way..

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