Monday, March 30, 2009

Go on changing...

It's been like forever since my last post. It's just that we've been very busy fixing and re-arranging things around the house. It will be our 2nd year living here in a couple of weeks and yet, we haven't been able to change some of the things that we said we are gonna change. We still have a long list to go!

But I'm glad hubby had already started re-constructing our garage door. He also had to change the lightings since the one we previously had is too bright, that we thought it consumes a lot of electricity. So, that's 2 out from our list :)

Speaking of buying new things for a change, at these day and age, I know you too are aware that you can buy everything online. And it always feels good if you can find all what you need in one place. It's a big plus if such site offers more products from various stores, right? This way, you can always get a better deal and save more. Just like For example, you need a new hanging lamp to compliment your new oriental rug, or probably your table lamp or desk lamp need an update. And in buying these lamps, you also have to take into consideration your bulb options, whether it is energy saver or not. has a lot to offer. It revolutionizes online shopping by finding all the stores in the internet. Isn't that nice? You don't need to drive around to look for something anymore. You can search for anything and everything at the comfort of your home!

I have to go to continue my re-arranging of things around here. We don't have that much stuff but I still have to re-arrange things to make space for the new stuff I'm expecting to arrive soon...


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