Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It's still hot! Still summer! Though it rains occasionally that helps the grass and weeds grow faster and taller, which is good. It means less dust for me. Grass and weeds hold them to the ground where they really belong. Not in my not-so-big-semi-flat-nose :)

Days have been passing by quickly. At least that’s how I feel. August is almost over and September is a few days away. I’m excited for January to come. A few weeks more to go! Ha! Ha!

Oh by the way, I just took this picture a couple of minutes ago. While I was sitting in bed with my laptop on my lap, I noticed this orange glare by the window…

Isn’t it amazing? Looks like something is burning up there! Hmmm....

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Yes, that's how I've been lately. Lazy. I don't feel like doing anything. When I get home from work, I feel so tired that I wanted to take a nap before I can even change. I don't understand it co'z I didn't have that much to do at work. Hmmm... Probably that's one reason? Is it because I'm bored? Or probably becuase it's just too hot for the last few days? I guess that's what it is. Yeah, I guess that's the real reason. Imagine getting in your car with a 117 Degrees Farenheight at 5 o'clock in the afternoon! I feel like I'm being grilled inside. I just crack the window a little bit co'z it's dusty outside and dust makes me sick and I don't want to have runny nose in the middle of the summer! Ahhh... It's hard to be alive isn't it? :)

--This experience makes me wish I'm back in the Philippines. Why? Because in the Philippines, I don't own a car so, I don't have to worry about driving a hot car. Taxi is everywhere that when I get in one, it's cool inside and I just have to tell the driver my destination. I don't have to worry about traffic, it's the taxi drivers problem - if I have an appointment, I just have to alot an hour or two on the road. I don't have to worry about parking - I hate lateral parking-, because he will just drop me off to the place I told him to - that is if the driver is not twisted. Or, I can always choose to ride a jeepney or bus or LRT/MRT whenever I'm in a hurry so I don't have to worry about over speeding. --

Oh well... There's no turning back now. Lazy it is, alright. I wish it's already fall... and fall season all the time...

Now, that's makes me feel like I'm human again :))